Crazy Shaman's DPS & AEP calculator

Last updated October 5, next update - unknown, sorry :(

This tool was designed to help raiding enhancement shamans make gear choices. It is best used directly by inputing one gear combo's stats, finding expected DPS, inputing another gear combo's stats, comparing the difference. It also finds your local AEP values that can be used to make list of upgrades with searchers that support AEP weights such as Thottbot or see AEP values of items directly in-game with addons such as Enhancer. Import/export tab automatically prepares strings to use with the above mentioned tools.


Q: What stats do I need to input?
A: Stats from your paperdoll when out of raid buffs. That is stats from gear + "naked" stats + stats from talents. Use buffs page to select your buffs. The exception is Blessing of Kings (if you expect it) - you need both to input your paperdoll stats increased by 10% and turn BoK "on" on buffs tab. If some buffs are missing - input them directly to stats. Boss armor - reduced by all expected debuffs.
Q: How about weapon skill?
A: Weapon skill is assumed to be 350, type your bonus weapon skill (not rating) and add +5 to axes if you speak orcish
Q: What about BoK?
A: If you are expecting BoK - use fully buffed values with BoK and turn BoK on on Procs&Stuff tab
Q: What ratio is used for haste?
A: Post 2.2 value 1% haste = 15.76 haste rating
Q: Why there is no AEP for weapon skill
A: Because of the magic spot at 355 weapon skill and rarity of items with weapon skill. You better use DPS metter to see how +5 wepon skill over 350 is increasingyour dps.
Q: What is recommended value for Hours?
A: 1,000 for dps calculation, 10,000 for AEP. Speed depends on your computer.
Q: Is your program fool-protected?
A: No, it is not. If you input 0 weapon speed, 200% crit, etc - it may crash your browser. Such checks are low priority at this time.
Q: I do not see some new features that are present in the changelog.
A: Hit your browser's refresh button. If it i not helping - delete applet from cache. It is named JavaLibrary1.jar.
Q: What is the source for your assumptions?
A: Enhance Shaman: The Collected Works of Theorycraft, Vol I and WOW wiki


October 5
++ Added elemental damage calculation based on 2-roll system according to wowwiki Formulas:Spell_hit_chance including:
+ Searing Totem
+ Shocks with choosable shocks rotation
+ Flametongue weapon imbue
+ Raid debuffs affecting elemental damage and boss resistances
+ 30% AP to spell damage talent option
+ Elemental devastation talent option
+ Reverbation and Concussion options
+ Spell hit and Spell crit input
Known problems:
- AEP calculation unstability when using 30% ap to spell damage talent option
- when using low resistance that most bosses have, spell damage is too high due to assumed "perfect" (unachievable) rotation and no lag (including reaction time) being modelled. This is where melee auto-attacks have clear advantage. In order to recieve game-like behavior use higher resistance value (such as defaults)
September 27
+ Changed armor functionality slightly (uses Mitigation = 10557.5/(Math.max(Armor,0)+10557.5 now)
+ Changed SS chance to miss to MH chance yellow attack chance to miss (0 effect in 99% cases)
+ Added Outland zone pvp buff to Buffs tab (input increased elemental damage manually)
+ Changed procs' ppms of Dragonspine Trophy and Madness of the Betrayer to be unaffected by speed. This is still experimental - if it will prove to be game-like - several other procs will be changed as well
+ Added 20 s hidden cooldown to Dragonspine Trophy (huge nerf)
September 22
+ Added upkeep time for Enchants on Forensic tab
+ Added upkeep time for Trinkets on Forensic tab
+ Added Heroic potion to Buffs tab
September 21
+ Added selection of flask/battle elixir
+ Added selection of potion
+ Remodelled Hourglass of the Unraveller and Tsunami Talisman procs according to Procs with/without internal cooldowns
September 19
Added procs of the following trinkets:
+ Dragonspine Trophy
+ Ashtongue Talisman
+ Madness of the Betrayer
+ Hourglass of the Unraveller
+ Tsunami Talisman
Remember to add their static bonuses manually
Added procs granted by 4 pieces of the following sets:
+ T 3.5 (+160 AP for 15 sec)
+ T 4
+ T5
+ T6
+ PVP (-1s SS cooldown)
September 14
+ Fixed bug with crusader in offhand + Added Relentless Earthstorm Diamond metagem (increases crit damage by 3%) . Remember to input all static bonuses directly, such as 15 Agi from this metagem.
+ Added Thundering Skyfire Diamond 1 ppm, lasts 6 seconds, 40 sec hidden cooldown <-- not sure if it is still so
+ Fixed bug with crit from Songflower Serenade and Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer
+ Changed export string to Enhancer (Enhancer calculates BoK and non BoK values for Agi and Str itself - no need to export that)
+ Increased value of metagem in export string to Thottbot
September 13
+ Corrected yet another Java rounding bug
+ Corrected enchants not renewing buff if proc again before end
+ Added Dragonstrike weapon proc
+ Added Roasted Clefthoof buff
+ Added Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff
+ Added Songflower Serenade buff
+ Added "best available gem" selection for thottbot export link
+ Fixed thottbot export link. I strongly recommend using thottbot over Lootzor due too more stats being weighted
September 12
+ Added Buffs tab
+ Added Enhancer addon support on Import/Export tab
+ Added Lootzor support on Import/Export tab
+ Added Thottbot support on Import/Export tab
+ Increased size of text boxes slightly
September 11
+ Added Windfury Totem
+ Added Rockbiter imbue
+ Enabled Dual-wielding switch
+ Added Mongoose enchant
+ Added Crusader enchant
September 10
+ Changed design slightly for compatibilty with Mac users
+ Enabled selection of weapon imbue including different WF proc chance if other hand has no WF on (you can see how drastically DPS decreases if not dual-wielding WF)
+ Enabled Storm Strike switch
+ Enabled selection of the totem (in hope that Blizz will add some)
+ Slightly changed skill weapon contribution to hit chance of WF (aasumed that it affects miss and dodge same way as it is for normal attacks without 19% penalty, SS remained unaffected by weapon skill at all)
September 9
+ Enabled Flurry switch
+ Enabled Unleashed rage switch
+ Shows Unleashed Rage upkeep time %
+ Shows % of strikes hasted by Flurry on Forensics tab
September 8
+ Changed weapon skill functionality according to this post
+ Forensics tab is now functional
+ Enabled BoK switch
+ Enabled Weapon Mastery switch
September 7
+ added 2 tabs for design preview
September 6
+ added Armor and Armor penetration functionality
+ added hit cap
+ changed WF proc chance to 36% while dual-wielding (read why)
+ corrected Hit not affecting special (yellow) attacks
+ corrected WF AP bonus not adding to main hand WF hits
+ changed Weapon Mastery to be "on" by default
+ UR no longer increases WF AP bonus

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